EMERGENCY UPDATE: DDoS and Cyber Attacks Against This Site

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Hello and welcome to the only site that exists solely to host and provide unabated access to the videos regarding Covid-19 that have been specifically targeted by the social media giants.

Our primary motivation has always been to show the powers that be that there is no longer an acceptable level of censorship in regards to information. We have free access to whatever information we choose and our membership of their sites does not give them the right to make these decisions for us.

They are services that we take part in – they are NOT our caretaker, they are NOT our parent and they are NOT our God.

Since I started this site, I had just envisioned a platform to show the several minute Plandemic bit that went viral.

Since then, there has been so much interest and activity that I decided visitors should also be able to see the other videos we are apparently not allowed to see in regards to the ‘pandemic’.

Regardless of what you believe in terms of the video, it is inarguable that the coronavirus has been blown out of proportions and has not only deeply affected every aspect of our lives – but it has completely ruined the lives of some.

Our society will be forever changed – for better or worse – because a group of people decided to politicize a disease.
Combine that with the current state of the ‘news’ wherein the profit margins matter more than unbiased reporting.

Their clickbait titles and leading comments have turned the spark into a roaring fire that has burned so much.

To that end, I want to remind you that this moment in time has never happened before – our current era is unprecedented as has been every era.

If this is indeed part of a bigger conspiracy, they are quickly finding out that they no longer control the flow of information. They can no longer start and stop a crisis in direct relation to their benefit.

They have started something that cannot be stopped.

You and others like you are now holding the key to true freedom.

Everything in the political and social sphere, believe it or not, is directly influenced and made possible by the public’s attention.

This fact has been weaponized by some and focused with the power of controlling the media and our social network platforms.

But here is where it changes. Their plans and methods were made for a time where the internet was largely unfamiliar and unsettled. Now, it is no longer the young generation who are on here. It is all of us.

You have somehow found this site and you will find more like it in the future. Our start has been amazing but it is far from over. Our group and groups like ours will work to create platforms and movements that uncover what they have so desperately controlled.

We will allow the information to flow freely and you are allowed to ingest what you can – then make an educated determination.

Cyber Attacks

I am a disabled veteran and receive compensation from the government but with my other bills, it was going to be tight around my house in order to continue funding this server. This site is not hosted on a shared server nor is it reliant on a common platform. This is an entire dedicated server rented from a hosting company of which they have little to no control over. I have installed WordPress, configured the site and ensured security so that nobody had their hands in this besides me.

This site is not the product of any group or organization – it is just my friends and I.

I originally included the option to donate with the expectation of a little help to keep this up.

What actually happened still amazes me. There has been almost $800 in donations so far and every day it grows.

As if directly connected, the attacks on this site began as the donations took stride. We have experienced large botnet swarms conducting DDoS (dedicated denial of service) attacks.

DDoS attacks are basically the equivalent of thousands upon thousands of visitors repeating signals on this site in an effort to overload and bring down the site.

With your donations, I have been able to invest in a server-wide security plan that mitigates this by vetting bot attacks and actively scanning then denying IP addresses that act maliciously.

After this, the attempted MySQL injections began and control of the site was almost breached by sniffers.

To keep this short (relatively), I have actively worked to mitigate any attack and put in place measures to beef up and reinforce the weak spots.

This would not have been possible without the donations I’ve received.

My pledge to you is regardless of who tries to interrupt this service, what they try or how persistent they are – I will do EVERYTHING in my power to keep this alive. It is my duty as an American citizen to defend our most basic freedoms – one of which is the freedom of speech, the freedom of information and the freedom to choose.

If you donate, please know that I intend to use these to support our mission here and the continued operations to come.

Please also note that there is NO REQUIREMENT to donate. If you cannot or do not want to, that is completely fine! You are still encouraged to digest and share this information as you see fit in order to share the information contained here within.

Even if I had only a dollar to my name, I would use it to support this country and our way of life.

More to come soon.

Thank you and God bless America.

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1 year ago

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

1 year ago

I cannot thank you enough for your service. It’s unsettling what is happening & what you are doing is stopping the fear… Fear is what gives our enemies their strength. You have created a platform that gives the general public another option.

So, again, thank you for this

Benjamin Poule
Benjamin Poule
1 year ago

Benjamin: probe

10 months ago

Greetings from England. Thank you for what you’re doing, we don’t get a lot of good news from the US these days, your site is a big exception. You need to do absolutely all you can to protect the site from being taken down.
I tried to donate a little something but the page configuration did not let me. necessary donate link off page and scroll bar greyed out. I will try a workaround.

Please consider donating
On October 7th, I was fired after Twitter leftists doxxed me following the Epik hack leak which revealed that I owned this domain. They went to my employers and put pressure on them to fire me for hosting these videos. I will no longer be able to pay my bills all because these people don't think we have the right to consume this information and that I shouldn't be hosting the same videos they censor. I refuse to take down this site - this has only reaffirmed what I knew to be true: they will not stop until we all kneel to the government and their narratives. Regardless of donations, I will become homeless before I take this site down. Their lies are unraveling and the world is waking up. It is more important than ever to have a reliable source of information that explores all perspectives. But please, anything helps right now.