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This site was originally started by the Regressive Left Watch – a group that values logic, common sense and honesty. Currently, the biggest threat to the United States, in our eyes, is the unpredictable, illogical and tyrannical march towards catering to feelings and outrage.

We originally put this site up to host the Plandemic documentary – a video that was taken down by all social media giants over and over.

Regardless of whether we believed the video or not, we acknowledged the extremely harmful precedent set by media companies dictating what we are allowed to see.

Recently, yet another video has been painted as too harmful for your eyes – Dr. Immanuel’s speech on her experience as a Houston doctor treating coronavirus patients with Hydroxychloroquine.

In pursuit of our efforts to further free speech and discourse, we are now hosting this video as well.

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On October 7th, I was fired after Twitter leftists doxxed me following the Epik hack leak which revealed that I owned this domain. They went to my employers and put pressure on them to fire me for hosting these videos. I will no longer be able to pay my bills all because these people don't think we have the right to consume this information and that I shouldn't be hosting the same videos they censor. I refuse to take down this site - this has only reaffirmed what I knew to be true: they will not stop until we all kneel to the government and their narratives. Regardless of donations, I will become homeless before I take this site down. Their lies are unraveling and the world is waking up. It is more important than ever to have a reliable source of information that explores all perspectives. But please, anything helps right now.