So, as it should be apparent – I was terminated last week for hosting this site among political satire sites such as and

Twitter leftists said definitively that I was part of a white supremacist group called Texas Vanguard because the nameservers for the site were:

To be clear – I’m not part of ANY group. Also, the insinuation that I am part of a group that was active in 2017 can be veritably proven false as I was deployed at that time. Nevertheless, they tried to connect that domain to the group as if a white supremacist group would use their name for nameservers. That would be like ISIS hosting sites with nameservers and, it doesn’t make sense.

The site has an entire prompt to address the misconception but because I host this site they were looking for anything to “cancel” me.

They went to my employer and tried to harass her saying I’m a white supremacist. I was terminated to avoid any potential scandal.

Because of my newly degenerated financials, I had to downgrade the server I had this site on. However, yesterday, we experienced so much traffic that the site went down.
It is important that everyone see these videos that social media tried to hide so I’ve since upgraded the server again. I will eat the cost if that means more people can see the truth.

Thank you everyone who has supported the site and just know we are stronger than they are.