Plandemic Part 2: Indoctrination


Here is the full video the self-appointed lords of social media have determined we cannot see. Well, unfortunately for them, there’s still those of us who are capable of thinking for ourselves. Regardless of whether you believe this documentary or not, it is outrageous for them to determine what information we are allowed to digest.


Aidid Safar

$20 September 7, 2020
Anonymous User


$15 September 4, 2020
Anonymous User


$20 September 4, 2020

Below are download links courtesy of the actual producers of this documentary. I am unable to offer a secondary download location due to the size of the files. The regular video is 2 GB and the HQ version (which is hosted here) is 5 GB. As of 08/19/2020, these links still work.

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tim M autrey
tim M autrey (@guest_177)
28 days ago

The covid “crisis will end Nov 4, 2020. These evil communist/NWO dems/RINO’s are using it to destroy the economy. Hoping on a two fold outcome. Trump is defeated because the dumbass electorate think the bad economy is his fault, and secondly and more importantly to these evil bastards is the deflection from their treason sedition and espionage for the attempted coup on this nation.
If the spinless Republicans and our DOJ do not try convict and execute Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Learner, comey, struzk page brennen clapper etc this country is finished

Ernie (@guest_197)
26 days ago

Can anyone tell me how i can download part 2 thanks

bradley (@guest_244)
17 days ago
Reply to  Ernie

You can download it at along with all the other related videos. Let me know if the downloads work for you please.

Andres (@guest_174)
29 days ago

Thank you so much ! Love and Prayer to you all

Diane Bianchi
Diane Bianchi (@guest_198)
26 days ago

This is an incredible documentary, so well put together. I knew about quite a bit of this information from my own research, but there was a lot I had never come across. I’m glad you ended with a ray of hope. Thank you so much for sharing this for free.

ShadowGate DeepState
ShadowGate DeepState (@guest_196)
26 days ago

Do the ShadowGate deep state people and World Economic Forum have their hands in this as well?

Jason (@guest_230)
21 days ago

Incredible work. Please consider selling the videos on DVDs. You gain financial support and we gain the ability to distribute your work. Many won’t see it due to censorship, complacency, lack of broadband, or otherwise, but those same people would watch a DVD if they had it. Put me down for at least 10.

Kristina Mekdeci
Kristina Mekdeci (@guest_183)
28 days ago


Last edited 28 days ago by Kristina Mekdeci
Kristina Mekdeci
Kristina Mekdeci (@guest_184)
28 days ago

I only wish you had clips of the Hawaiians defending Mauna Kea at the end. Other then that this is all the information… I have been sharing for years in one hour. Mahalo Nui Loa!

Last edited 28 days ago by Kristina Mekdeci
A dumb sheep
A dumb sheep (@guest_203)
25 days ago

I love how suddenly were not able to determine for ourselves what’s true and what’s not.

Claudia (@guest_210)
24 days ago

I’m having such a tough time streaming or being able to successfully download the file. It keeps pausing and it just won’t download.

Joe (@guest_218)
23 days ago
Reply to  Claudia

Oddly I was able to see the entire video on YouTube of all places! After watching it i came to this website but it took a couple trys. As soon as I put the address in and click go…my connection shut down. Hmm. Then it took 5 tries to download the video. Strange. Keep trying it should eventually work.

Leslie (@guest_227)
22 days ago

Outstanding work. Thank you for researching and presenting all this!

kilfincelt (@guest_229)
21 days ago

I had a problem with watch this video on this site but found it on YouTube. Here’s the link:

ColleenRB (@guest_232)
21 days ago

Heart to heart, thank you for your hard work, for your courage! Best wishes to everyone involved in the production of this wonderful movie… and to everyone watching it… Love over fear

SimonSays (@guest_257)
10 days ago

Is there any chance of getting subtitles of different languages?

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