Plandemic Part 2: Indoctrination


Here is the full video the self-appointed lords of social media have determined we cannot see. Well, unfortunately for them, there’s still those of us who are capable of thinking for ourselves. Regardless of whether you believe this documentary or not, it is outrageous for them to determine what information we are allowed to digest.

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$10 December 3, 2020

William Parker

$20 December 2, 2020
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$20 December 1, 2020

Below are download links courtesy of the actual producers of this documentary. I am unable to offer a secondary download location due to the size of the files. The regular video is 2 GB and the HQ version (which is hosted here) is 5 GB. As of 08/19/2020, these links still work.

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tim M autrey
tim M autrey (@guest_177)
3 months ago

The covid “crisis will end Nov 4, 2020. These evil communist/NWO dems/RINO’s are using it to destroy the economy. Hoping on a two fold outcome. Trump is defeated because the dumbass electorate think the bad economy is his fault, and secondly and more importantly to these evil bastards is the deflection from their treason sedition and espionage for the attempted coup on this nation.
If the spinless Republicans and our DOJ do not try convict and execute Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Learner, comey, struzk page brennen clapper etc this country is finished

there-are-other-countries (@guest_269)
2 months ago
Reply to  tim M autrey

You do realize the US is not the only country in the world and US’ presidential election is hardly the most important event for just about any other country?

melissa (@guest_332)
12 days ago

youre wrong. the united states president controls basically everything. the united states president is important to the entire world. look at it now.

Lily Carpio
Lily Carpio (@guest_334)
10 days ago

The world’s biggest bully is the USA. A nation that represents barely 4% of the world population boasting to possess one of the most advanced medical systems, has killed and generated the highest deaths and covid-19 infections than any nation in the world. Deceived themselves to believe as the beacon of light to planet earth but rather has become the biggest ‘laughing stock’ of the globe. Daily, you get entertained by the sheer malarkey played out in the WH and his minions esp the clown’s hair dye started running down the side of his face in the midst of press conference and quoted the comedy film “My Cousin Vinny” to support his fraud arguments. Have you guys seen the Four Seasons Landscaping episode which gave an adjacent sex shop a raw deal ? Who needs to pay admission fee for standup comedy, when you get a free one by watching YT news. ROFL….

Diane Bianchi
Diane Bianchi (@guest_198)
3 months ago

This is an incredible documentary, so well put together. I knew about quite a bit of this information from my own research, but there was a lot I had never come across. I’m glad you ended with a ray of hope. Thank you so much for sharing this for free.

Chuck Thibault
Chuck Thibault (@guest_278)
1 month ago
Reply to  Diane Bianchi


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Jason (@guest_230)
3 months ago

Incredible work. Please consider selling the videos on DVDs. You gain financial support and we gain the ability to distribute your work. Many won’t see it due to censorship, complacency, lack of broadband, or otherwise, but those same people would watch a DVD if they had it. Put me down for at least 10.

FreeSpeechNinja (@guest_339)
2 days ago
Reply to  Jason

That’s a really good idea, especially if they can get a retailer like Walmart to carry them. Win Win situation right there.

ShadowGate DeepState
ShadowGate DeepState (@guest_196)
3 months ago

Do the ShadowGate deep state people and World Economic Forum have their hands in this as well?

Andres (@guest_174)
3 months ago

Thank you so much ! Love and Prayer to you all

Ernie (@guest_197)
3 months ago

Can anyone tell me how i can download part 2 thanks

bradley (@guest_244)
3 months ago
Reply to  Ernie

You can download it at along with all the other related videos. Let me know if the downloads work for you please.

Chuck Thibault
Chuck Thibault (@guest_279)
1 month ago
Reply to  Ernie

There is a link to download at the end of the write. Up, keep scrolling down through it

A dumb sheep
A dumb sheep (@guest_203)
3 months ago

I love how suddenly were not able to determine for ourselves what’s true and what’s not.

Soyla (@guest_270)
2 months ago
Reply to  A dumb sheep

that is what make it worse, at least anyone with a functioning brain know the #hasbara #megaphone #msm #fakenews manufacture consent with lies deceit and manipulation.

SimonSays (@guest_257)
2 months ago

Is there any chance of getting subtitles of different languages?

Mrs. Euhemerism
Mrs. Euhemerism (@guest_291)
1 month ago

There is a petition on’s website to investigate Gates for medical malpractice and mass murder. It has more than the minimum required nmber of signatures required for the whitehouse to respond publicly. Now that Trump has turned over vaccine research to a CIA linked contractor, redirected funds allocated for the WHO to the Gates’ owned Global Vaccine Initiative, and appointed a so called “Vaccine Tzar” who holds millions of dollars of investments in a vaccine manufacturer, (not to mention Dershowitz out campaigning for Trump’s Operation Warpspeed and his terrifying statement that the government has the power take you and stick a needle in your arm) I doubt there will be actions taken to investigate Gates. Trump, Gates, Dershowitz, Fauci and convicted pedophile Epstein share the same interests and thus are subject to beng blackmailed.

Kristina Mekdeci
Kristina Mekdeci (@guest_184)
3 months ago

I only wish you had clips of the Hawaiians defending Mauna Kea at the end. Other then that this is all the information… I have been sharing for years in one hour. Mahalo Nui Loa!

Last edited 3 months ago by Kristina Mekdeci
Maurice (@guest_293)
1 month ago

Thank you, Thank you and again Thank you !!
for speaking the truth and for educating and awakening the sleeping and ignorant masses. After 5 years working in the healthcare sector it became clear to me that Pharma Co. do not want the public to be healthy, but what is happening now is even darker and sinister. To knowingly propagate viruses for profit is outright demonic and must be STOPPED.

Kalaya Lane
Kalaya Lane (@guest_316)
1 month ago

I havn’t seen anything like this in a very long time. For the first time in a while I cried watching something, and that something was Plandemic. I went outside on my back porch and yelled “FREEDOM” like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Continue to do what you do to make the world a better place. If everyone did that we would be more and more free and at peace.

csaaphill (@guest_319)
26 days ago

2nd time through very good information.
Since it looks Like Biden is Elected and I know as soon as he can, will enact some kind of EO and mandate masks. Kiss my A** if you wear one and still have a 70% catching it per:
Then at 3.9%chance I’ll take those odds instead.   :wpds_lol: 

csaaphill (@guest_320)
26 days ago

I noticed this time and like I said this was the second time through, but I noticed the American Cancer Society was in this. In my research or search to find truth the so-called Dr. in the 50’s who came out with a study that supposedly showed smoking was connected to cause cancer, and all the crap that’s been had upon a duped society since then. I have found they wont let you see his papers or his files to judge for yourselves. I notices Wikipedia part of that??? If so that’s where I found this so-called Dr. to begin with. So…??? Anyhow’s in trying to gain access to this guys files at or they wont let me in so… Plus if that don’t rile you I did find in researching the American cancer society and their top people, IE as in their CEO’s and other… One of them on the board now worked with Johnson and Johnson when they were aware of the cancer causing stuff in their Talcum powder. Now he’s one of their heads at the American Cancer society. Uh OK before someone says “Well he had a change of heart” BS he worked there during the years they knew and it didn’t bother him then and only now is he part of the American cancer society.
It’s about money and control. People! This is not the only thing we’re being played on this goes far beyond Coronavirus, Smoking the right to smoke, the right to defend against tyranny which is now but… The right to not go along with the collective and more.
I care less how many say well smoking causes cancer or they can’t stand the smell… BS
it doesn’t it never has God didn’t cause a plant to do this and the mind is a powerful thing. If you believe it will it may but if you don’t it wont. One of Satan’s lies as in what it says in Revelations of he will deceive the world… Far Far Far deeper than Covid 19…
Anyone seen Dr. Madej’s video yet on Moderna’s Vaccine? if not you should. Luciferase is part of it. I emailed Moderna and asked them why they needed a Chimera library and if Luciferase was part of their vaccine and they have never emailed me back it’s been way long enough. In-case you didn’t know a Chimera is a hybrid, a cross between two typed of animals, or plants etc… Twodaisys as from Bruce almighty is a good example. But as in the days of Noah so shall be the coming of the son of man be. But in Genesis 6 it talks about the Angels who came down and mated with women and had babies that grew into Gigantic people, who ate themselves our of house and home… I wonder if that’s how that statement got started. But they ate everything including humans Cannibalism. But in the Book of Jasher it says they also did experiments with animals. IE: Chimera’s, Centaurs and more.
But on Moderna’s own website, if you look around the links enough you can find some of their patents and in the first link it does show they applied for a patent for a Chimera library. Transhumanism is where this is all going, and they don’t want you rebel against it so over the years have only shown small bits of the truth. Not Moderna but all these so- called we care organizations. They get you to back them through advertisement then use the money and or while your pacified to the point your lulled into a stuper of: I got work to do my kids need me they got you now!
The mark of the beast is where all of this is going so yeah just trying to warn you. If not too late read the bible, read the books of Enoch, the Book of Jubilee’s the Book of Jasher, get yourself right with Jesus and pray you have what it takes to not take it. FYI you will have to make a choice work or immortality kids or immortality, family or immortality death but resurrection and then eternal immortal life in this body but a perfected body, meaning you will see hear smell love enjoy just like you do now but super hearing super site etc… You may not be 18 forever or get to be changed with a body of that of a 18 year old, nor may you get to be a kid as some teach but at what ever age you get a supernatural body when Jesus returns it will be better than you can imagine. so chose.

Kristina Mekdeci
Kristina Mekdeci (@guest_183)
3 months ago


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Claudia (@guest_210)
3 months ago

I’m having such a tough time streaming or being able to successfully download the file. It keeps pausing and it just won’t download.

Joe (@guest_218)
3 months ago
Reply to  Claudia

Oddly I was able to see the entire video on YouTube of all places! After watching it i came to this website but it took a couple trys. As soon as I put the address in and click go…my connection shut down. Hmm. Then it took 5 tries to download the video. Strange. Keep trying it should eventually work.

Chuck Thibault
Chuck Thibault (@guest_280)
1 month ago
Reply to  Joe

Response to Joe: reading that makes me believe it’s a malicious link and I’d stay away from it

Leslie (@guest_227)
3 months ago

Outstanding work. Thank you for researching and presenting all this!

kilfincelt (@guest_229)
3 months ago

I had a problem with watch this video on this site but found it on YouTube. Here’s the link:

Tef (@guest_341)
2 days ago
Reply to  kilfincelt

It’s been removed

ColleenRB (@guest_232)
3 months ago

Heart to heart, thank you for your hard work, for your courage! Best wishes to everyone involved in the production of this wonderful movie… and to everyone watching it… Love over fear

curiouscat (@guest_260)
2 months ago

i too am having issues watching or downloading! keeps stopping and not re-starting etc etc

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