Federal HHS whistleblower goes public with secret recordings: ‘Government doesn’t want to show the [COVID] vaccine is full of sh*t’; ‘Shove’ adverse effect reporting ‘under the mat’
Dr. Richard Bartlett on how the steroid Budesonide has allowed him to not lose a single patient to Covid-19
Dr. Pierre Kory pleads to Senate to consider Ivermectin as treatment for Covid-19

What is this site?

This site was originally put up when the first version of Plandemic was censored by social media sites – becoming the first sign of the oncoming blackout of alternative perspectives. We now host every censored video we come across that offers an alternative perspective than the mainstream narrative regarding the Covid-19 virus.

Can I download the videos?

Yes! In fact, it is encouraged. We will make every attempt to keep this site up and ensure the dissemination of this content but it is becoming increasingly likely that authorities will cross any number of legal and constitutional boundaries to keep their monopoly on information.

Are you associated with any groups?

No. Any claim to the contrary is a clear attempt at defamation and a blatant lie.

Have you received death threats/attempts to harass you?

Yes. But I served eight months in supermarket-sized camp in the middle of an active combat zone that was 8 hours away from QRF and medvac capabilities. These weak-willed, rubber-spined badass wannabes only encourage me with every attempt to scare me.

Do you believe in all of this?

I believe that the second we allow any company or government entity to control what information we are allowed to consume is the very second we begin our descent into Fascism.

I also believe that the general public is so f***ing dumbed down because of everything from the social media obsession, five second attention spans and terrible, altered diet that they genuinely expect fascism to resurface in the same hole it popped out the first time it was whacked.

Reality check: it’s coming from the left this time.

Isn't it harmful to share all of this if it's not true?

First of all, I’ve had to watch enough of these senate hearings, doctor testimonials and clinical research to know that Ivermectin and Hydroxycholorqine are effective treatments so the very fact that this is being suppressed should be alarming to anyone.

Second of all, you should never forfeit the freedom to consume all available information and decide for yourself. That is how every dictatorship and genocide started. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Why would they fake a pandemic?

Nobody is claiming this is fake.

This is a mutated flu virus.

Billionaires are getting richer. Governments are getting more authority and control. Do you not see a little motivation to draw this out for everyone in power? Do you not think the government is paying for all the vaccines? Are pharmaceutical companies suddenly benevolent in your eyes?

This ‘pandemic’ could’ve been handled with the information about Ivermectin and Hydroxycholorqine disseminated to the healthcare community and natural immunity being acquired with these proven treatments as buffers.

But, of course, there must’ve been at least one expert who thought of that. So why did they crash the global economy and allow so many people to die waiting for a vaccine that wouldn’t be half as effective as these treatments?

Who are you?

I am every free American. I am your neighbor, I am your mother, I am your son. I am you.

We have the same amount of time and the same amount of resources. I learned about web design because I wanted to take a stand against the dictatorship that is coming.

What will you do?

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