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This site exists solely to provide a secured, dedicated location for the Covid-19 related videos that the social media giants have specifically targeted and censored. We are not going to allow them to determine what we can or cannot see in terms of information. It may feel like the world has gone mad but remember you are not alone. We are the majority and we will no longer suffer in silence.


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We wouldn’t be able to continue our work. Sincerely – thank you for helping us take back the right to information. Below are a wall of recent donors and their messages.


William Parker


Jonathan Swann


So glad i found your site. The world certainly needs people like you at this time. Hope this donation goes through, it's in GBP from an English bank


Charles Hall


First, if you are a veteran, I thank you for your service. I served in the U.S. Air Force and later in the Ohio Air National Guard, but did not see any combat duty. Your providing this web site is highly commendable. The censorship on the main social media sites is disgusting and shameful. Thank you for making this video available

Charles Hall

We will not say whether or not we believe the video’s allegations. We will say that nobody has the right to decide what information we are allowed to receive. You can donate if you want. You can download the entire video if you’d like. Comments are open and opinions will not be suppressed.

This is freedom.

If you believe that this video should be removed or have a compelling reason for the suspension of the video, please click here.

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M (@guest_144)
3 months ago

You know, I clicked the ‘If you believe that this video should be removed’ link expecting to see a hate-mail section. I was a bit sad to miss the stupidity but what I did see can only be described as Glorious.

Justin (@guest_211)
3 months ago
Reply to  M

please for the love of god if you havent clicked the link do so. i cannot explain what you will see in good enough words but will tell you its worth it 100%

Ray Roberts
Ray Roberts (@guest_271)
2 months ago
Reply to  Justin

YES!!! That is a BEAUTIFUL response!! THANK YOU for your courage!!!

Belle Moss
Belle Moss (@guest_224)
3 months ago
Reply to  M


Rob (@guest_241)
3 months ago
Reply to  M

YAAA! That in itself is worth $100 donation!

Ruth Fitzwater
Ruth Fitzwater (@guest_308)
1 month ago
Reply to  M

I’m very sorry to see foul language being used. Honestly, it cheapens the whole thing and makes me want to question the seriousness of the documentary. Who is responsible for it?

Meme e
Meme e (@guest_336)
6 days ago
Reply to  Ruth Fitzwater

Agreed. This is childish behavior for a serious subject.

Canadian Scientist
Canadian Scientist (@guest_31)
6 months ago

Judy, we Canadian scientists admire your courage and standing for the truth. Mikki, keep up the excellent work. Humanity loves you both.

Chuck (@guest_91)
4 months ago

Hi Canadian scientist,

You seem like a very good scientist. I too work in Canada but as an intern in a science lab in Toronto. I would love to exchange ideas scientist to scientist. Please let me know if that sounds good.


Lily Carpio
Lily Carpio (@guest_335)
10 days ago
Reply to  Chuck

Yeah, cdn scientist in the creation of Frankenstein’s monster. ROLF

Fiona (@guest_17)
6 months ago

This Truth needs telling to all, to awaken those who sleep. The background powers use the term ‘conspiracy’ to dismiss what is inconvenient to their agenda – their noise points to their guilt.

Belle Moss
Belle Moss (@guest_225)
3 months ago
Reply to  Fiona

Being paranoid doesn’t change the fact that they really are out to get me! 🤣

Sergio Tomasi
Sergio Tomasi (@guest_29)
6 months ago

If you’re reading this, You are the Resistance. Thank You for all your courage and for this document!

Molly (9th grade enthusiast)
Molly (9th grade enthusiast) (@guest_290)
1 month ago
Reply to  Sergio Tomasi

Yes, I totally feel like there seems to be some sort of cover up. So many people are made into making it sound like it is good to wear a mask. And just like the pair of doctors said, our immune system is deteriorating by the minute. We have been kept up for way too long and that is only going to make more and possibly unknown spikes in diseases again. We will be stuck in this never ending loop of coming back and staying home until the day we die! I feel like the money is what is keeping people silent. Sad to see that there are people not using their voices ans df are getting persecuted for standing up against something they do not like. I feel like we should have the right to SPEAK. NO way in America will we have to not have a chance to use our accommodated rights and ideas to speak something on our minds. NO WAY.

Susan (@guest_20)
6 months ago

Great appreciation to filmmaker Mikki Willis for making this short interview, and thank you to Dr. Judy Mikovits Ph.D for her courage to speak out.

Kimberly (@guest_46)
5 months ago

This Video was Banned from the internet. That fact, clearly documents that Dr. Judy Mikovits is sharing information that is true and correct. This censorship and the media’s response to this video makes it very clear that we are not living in a democracy. Dr. Mikovits’ extraordinary bravery in sharing her information should be an example for all of us. Thank you Dr. Mikovits.

Sandy (@guest_2)
6 months ago

Thank you for posting this. It keeps getting deleted on other sites. Please do not delete. How do I download. This is too important

Susan (@guest_21)
6 months ago
Reply to  Sandy

Sandy, you can download by seeing the green download button at top right of this page.

Paula Beard
Paula Beard (@guest_73)
4 months ago
Reply to  Susan

I could not download it because the google recapta would not allow it. Go figure.

Jelly34 (@guest_154)
3 months ago
Reply to  Paula Beard

Get rid of google.They are NOT your friend.

Zlatka (@guest_261)
2 months ago
Reply to  Paula Beard

Use Qwant 🙂
It is also a search engine that supposedly doesn’t store your data.
I am awed at the courage of the creators of this video.
I grew up in communism. I know that with the power of manipulation the media platforms possess today, almost anybody can be made to believe alnost anything. I am terrified about the future!
How can I help, how can I be involved?

Joe (@guest_140)
4 months ago
Reply to  Susan

You can use the green download button (top right), or for a higher quality copy you can use “bay proxy”

dav (@guest_159)
3 months ago
Reply to  Sandy

The big fraud: “case” numbers

The frauds of our present day are so thick, it’s easy to get lost in the woods.
Here are the simple, fundamental facts from a physician who is also a lawyer.

Kath Vernon
Kath Vernon (@guest_22)
6 months ago

Thankyou for enabling us to know the truth and for your courage.My gratitude to you all .

Harry (@guest_148)
3 months ago

This video and lady still support the germ theory. There are some that say the germ theory is a complete lie. A more accurate model is the terrain model / terrain theory.

tony bonn
tony bonn (@guest_200)
3 months ago
Reply to  Harry

germ and conventional viral theory are a total lie. no one in all of human history has ever died from a virus. he may have died with a virus, but that is matter entirely different altogether. viruses protect life by breaking down toxins and wastes so that the body can purge them. the body always hosts viruses to maintain health. you cannot communicate or contract a virus. biology doesn’t work that way. you would die without viruses. burn your face bras.

Armesis (@guest_259)
2 months ago

The fact that this video cant be found on almost every search engine and platform speaks volumes. Online censorship is insane now.

Howard Hilliard
Howard Hilliard (@guest_37)
6 months ago

Thanks for sharing truth. Best wishes to Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Ray Hibbarra
Ray Hibbarra (@guest_93)
4 months ago

I have a special gift, I have an extremely sensitive bull shit detector. From the very first time I saw Antony Fauci on TV my detector was pinned in the red region. I don’t believe a single thing that little elf says. FYI don’t play poker with me.

frost (@guest_315)
1 month ago
Reply to  Ray Hibbarra

i thought the same thing, he is so full of shit.

Christopher Halbert
Christopher Halbert (@guest_67)
5 months ago

let’s see– collusion; preferential funding; silencing of speech and research; propagation of viral infections; withholding of medicines/treatments; power and control over people; depopulation agenda—- and we’re called crazy for believing this happens?!?! This is the culmination of shit going on for years! It’s also an opportunity for people to wake-up and take a step back to re-examine ALLLL INSTITUTIONS ALL OF THEM!!!!! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED GLOBALIST POSs– we’re GOING TO GET YOU!!!

GERALD NICHOLS (@guest_33)
6 months ago

I agree with much of the opinion that the pandemic is “man-made” in some ways.

Gord K.
Gord K. (@guest_265)
2 months ago

97% of all scientists agree with the people funding them.” -Dave Martin, Comedian

Tracy (@guest_57)
5 months ago

Confused as to why my comment was deleted. As stated, FAUCI LIED about not needing to wear masks. If he was qualified, or cared, all he had to say was to wear a bandana to reduce death. And he didn’t. So he must be getting paid to lie. Trump needs to remove him. FAUCI IS A LIAR. HE ADMITTED IT!

Mary L.
Mary L. (@guest_64)
5 months ago

I believe everything Dr. Mikovits has said. She had everything to lose and nothing to gain by going public and participating in this film, speaking and writing about the discoveries she made in regards to animal cells being used in vaccines, and the viruses they unleash on the population of this planet. To those who think this is a conspiracy theory, I say you’re only fooling yourselves if you Big Pharma wouldn’t do these things. It’s all about the money. Think about that for awhile!

Patrick Davies
Patrick Davies (@guest_76)
4 months ago

I know that there is an agenda to crush information on nutrition and cheap proven therapies like the use of Budesonide given to asthma patients. Gates and Fauci are members of the elite pedophile power cult along with Mr. Epstein that want to get rid of most of us.

Gabriel (@guest_4)
6 months ago

Thank you very much for posting this video.

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