Site is back up

I apologize for the absence of this site for the past few days. The dedicated server I host it on experienced quite the series of unfortunate events. Our hosting provider reinstalled the OS and WHM to mitigate imminent drive failure – but they didn’t give me time to backup the site. I have spent some time trying to recover the site but to no avail.

So I have quickly remade the site with regards to the most important function – providing the video.

Additionally, the donation platform I use had an issue where Stripe said they couldn’t accept payments on my behalf because it was “too much of a risk” so I switched to Square. I am trying to run Stripe but under an account that clarifies the donations are OPTIONAL.

I do not require donations to keep the video up, I will continue to host it as long as I can. It is important I clarify that for tax purposes.

But, the generosity of volunteers is paramount to doing so and I appreciate beyond words every dollar donated.

I’m glad we are back and here’s to 2022.

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1 year ago

Great content! Keep up the good work!

Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor
1 year ago

Thank you 1000 times for doing the work that needs to be done: uncovering the truth.
I’m learning a lot about the workings of fear, indoctrination and mass hypnosis since the pandemic started. Sometimes, through confrontation, receiving flak. To experience the hurting, while knowing inside that I’m on the path of my choosing, forced to keep this to myself, is at times a lonesome cowboy existence, with tears, mixed with all kinds of emotions, my mind wanting to argue, and make others wrong, just to release frustration.
That this is a loop that leads to neverending warfare, is more clear than ever to me. It also strengthens the loneliness of where I stand, and it’s key to share with kindred spirits

1 year ago

For those of us who have lost a loved one because of this pandemic must try to go on with their lives and pretty much dodge bullets. Everytime we open a door to a store or if working on a car at a mechanic shop lol,or giving change if we are a cashier and how about the folks in health care. All of these scenarios can put you in harms way of death. I guess it’s really up to us….or is it?..R.I.P Robert Brian Hanson, 07/13/68-..03-19-20..Covid -19 took my brother if we, the people had been warned, my brother would be alive right now…The government knew that a pandemic that would lessen the population by 10_20 % was coming and had been for years…planned, cold, calculated ,killers …our government …we the people have lost our freedom of almost everything, including our freedom of speech…why do we even have a constitution ?..It was declared it was

…Forever isn’t something that we logically think of.Do we voice the word and toy with thoughts surrounding forever? Everyday. But in reality forever is a long time. And the only reality of forever that we will ever experience is in death..But will we?…Now that’s up to you to use your freedom speech to answer..better make it fast cause that’s the obviously the next thing on our country’s list of rules that will be written off…like they said you search Google ann you see what Google wants you too..not what you are looking the last sentence and think about what you were looking for when you wanted to watch this Plandemic video..most people already know and for those who didn’t, died finding out..

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